Another Mind's Reflection

The Day of You That I Skip

Yesterday was a whole tiring. I prepared files of my junior application for joining LKMM D, went to Simposium Kaderisasi FT UNDIP and archquake evaluation. I had non-stop activity, when at the end of the day I spent my time sharing with my junior till up night. It was tiring but I believe, when I conceal the feeling or bad habit of laziness, I would have nothing damn-cool life like this. Being on big obstacles truly made someone’s up, I think.
So that today I skip another memorizing moment called ‘your birthday’. I didn’t mean it, but whenever I remind or remember you, I do, did, and done pain. A painful feeling. Honestly It’s so silly of stuck in you for almost four years. It’s so sickening I do wanna let you out from my mind so hard. And I don’t wanna be judged bad by other people, included your girlfriend who hate me so much, so I decide to keep the silence and just pray the best for you.